EASA is a body formed since 1933 based St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Thousands of companies including Motor Manufacturing and Rewinding Shops have been members of EASA for years.    


EASA members are truly partnership for progress, for which you our valued customer will gain substantial benefits. It is an international trade organization with over 2,800 registered companies that sell, service and repair Industrial Electric Motors, Generators, Transformers, Controls and related Electro-Mechanical Equipment.   As an active member we consolidate the power and resources necessary to solve any problems. EASA's firms are recognized by manufacturers, suppliers and customers as a Highly Qualified and Reputable companies who meet the standards and requirements of the industry.

Their Technical Department is available to us at any time, in the event we are faced with a difficult or technical problem, they can supply us with solutions to guarantee quality assurance. EASA must meet rigid standards of excellence and adhere to a professional code of business ethics. Thus at F&E we can safely guarantee quality assured work as we have available, the best means and resources at our disposal as well as a staff dedicated to success.