With our expansion on the way as well as improvement to our workshop facility, the inclusion of the DYNA BALANCING MACHINE has been one of our major accomplishments. Being computerized and having our machines assured and Certified of being Y2K compliant, the machine is calibrated to balance equipment within ISO and NEMA STANDARDS to name a few. It produces a printed report of start unbalance as well as the amount of weight added and at what angle. Now we have deflected the high cost, to which our valued customers faced indirectly and we can now deliver QUALITY WORK at a BETTER PRICE!


Dynamic Balance is the answer to the one of today's most important engineering problems. With today's failure and expensive down time an unbalance rotating part under the influence of centrifugal forces gives rise to vibration and this same rotating part may present difficult problems. Balancing of your equipment, rotors, armatures, shaft, pulleys, fans, blowers gears etc. with: Help cut maintenance cost. Reduce bearing failure. Step up Production. Minimize down time. Increase your satisfaction with the finished product.