Special attention and emphasis has been placed on this department as a result of the vast application of Electricity in the Marine Industry. To more effectively serve this market, Franklyn and Errol selected and trained a group of technicians, (in house) to perform all electrical services tasks on Motor Vessels, Platforms, Ferries, Yachts, etc. Throughout our sixteen (16) years of service, we have worked on numerous vessels, and to date have NOT left any one vessel dissatisfied with our performance. Currently, all the Shipping Agents and ship owners we service are fully satisied with our ability, determination, knowledge and job reporting.



Rewinding of motors, generators, pumps, coils and transformers. Secondary current injection for testing of generator protective shutdown system. Removal and installation of generators anchor winch motor pumps. Control wiring and engine alarm and shutdown systems. Bus bar and switchboard servicing and testing Rewiring of ships, ferries, yachts, etc. Problem analysis and job execution on all electrical systems. Marine electrical supplies.