During our years in business the topic of "Safety" has made a tremendous impact on both small and large businesses and today is one of the most important factors in contractor's pre-qualification exercise for contracts. With this being so one of our major reasons for relocating was due to our shop floor space being to small for operations, hence being unsafe for employees.


The danger of injury through electrical shock is present whenever electrical power is being used or when working in an electrical repair shop. Management has divided the electrical workshop into three (3) sections and appointed three (3) representatives in each department respectively to ensure employees maintain the company's safe working procedures. Our testing facility. Which operates at maximum voltage 440 volts 400 amps, is clearly identified and operated by Trained Personnel Only. All equipment electrically operated e.g. HV testing equipment. Lathes, hand tools, Mechanical Equipment are properly grounded to ensure operates safety. Our workshop floor is cleaned both morning and evening everyday of work including if work is done late on evenings, Sundays and on Public holidays to ensure employees are safe and to maintain a healthy working environment.

A new employee-safety orientation program is also operational which start initially at the employee's interview based on this result employment is granted. For small and large projects a Safety Officer or officers is also provided to ensure contractual employees maintain the necessary safety practices of both par- ties involved. Before employment is granted the individual must be equipped with a safety boots, hard hat and safety glasses as well pass 75% of the safety evaluation.