With Two (2) Hiab Trucks available and well trained and experienced drivers/operators with qualification to backup, we are available to transport your equipment from Point Galeota to Chagaramas or maybe to La Brea. Indeed our services are available from any part of the county to your chosen destination. All of our Trucks are certified for Lifting: With a Hiab Articulating Boom Crane and a Horizontal Type Steel Shell with welded seams TCE 2270 has maximum capacity of 14,550lbs and 13'9" in height. TCK 9737 has maximum capacity of 17,860lbs and 11'9" in height. Safety being one of our top priorities, we ensure that all our vehicles has the appropriate safety gears which prevents falling off the platform. These safety gears are certified on a annual bases



With our customers best interest in mind and to reduce down time at an industrial plant, Franklyn and Errol has established this department to deliver the most efficient Electro- Mechanical Service to the market. When Electro-Mechanical equipment is burnt and requires mechanical repair, Franklyn and Errol Electrical can be counted on to get you up and running in no time. Our Machine shop is also marketed as an individual service, but under Franklyn and Errol Electrical. This department is staffed with qualified and experienced personnel to undertake a variety of tasks.